Coat Types & Allergies

Breed Coat Types

Research undertaken by Rutland Manor Breeding & Research Center concerning the coat types and allergies has been anecdotal. It has spanned over twenty plus years and has involved several thousand Labradoodles and their families.


We are trying to keep the Australian Labradoodle as pure as possible using as many of the standards that have been set for this breed as possible. As a reputable breeder, we can only guarantee “non-shedding” coats to be a ‘wool’ coat. So far, we have been successful at producing puppies that are non-shedding wavy and curly fleece coats.




Not necessarily, however, so far Royal Diamond has had great success with breeding only non-shedding and allergy friendly dogs.

By the year 2000 The two founding breeders, Tegan Park and Rutland Manor had established most of their lines with non-shedding and reliably allergy friendly dogs, By 2003 there were so many new breeders playing with this still developing new breed, that all control was lost.  Even the term ‘multi-generation’ lost its meaning, leaving a confused public who had no idea of what to believe or disregard, with the differing information given on breeders’ websites.

Experience comes with a price tag of multiple years of learning, and trial and error which has been done by the co-founder Beverly Manor of Rutland Manor.  We have been careful to use lines that came directly from the founders in Australia and those from reputable breeders who have done the same here in the USA.

*Above information courtesy of Rutland Manor, Australia, a co-founder of the Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle

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